Violin solo (en)

Violin solo –  Cordes avides

After obtaining a degree in violin and chamber music at the classical conservatory of the Brussels Royal Music Academy, Françoise is more and more attracted to jazz music. She studies with J.L. Rassinfosse at the Brussels Royal Academy and follows training courses with Jean-Pierre Catoul and Didier Lockwood. From 1992 onward, she performs numerous jazz and jazz-rock concerts. With her jazz group “There is an effel there”, a composition project, she records a CD with the “Mognomusic” label (November 2007). Currently, she is a regular member of a trio with guitar player Manu Bonetti and base player Boris Schmidt, and another with pianist Sabin Todorov and Boris Schmidt. She also performs duets alongside base player Marc Van Garsse.


For a long time, jazz violinist Françoise Derissen wanted to create a solo project. This wish has now become reality with her new CD “Cordes avides”, released on 6th December 2019 by “Home records” and with several concerts or planned and performed. All compositions are Françoise’s, except for one by her friend Renaud Lhoest. Even by herself, she will make for different voices to resound simultaneously. Playing a five string violin as well as a regular one, by means of a loop station she at times she resembles a musical multi-limbed Shiva.. Now and then, strings and voice will mingle.

Her style? Hard to define exactly: improvised jazz, a few touches of folk and classical composition. The adventure is fascinating and Françoise loves to share it with you through her concerts and her new CD.

Release 06/12/2019